24 Mar

I am now investigating the idea of building my Ambient Energy Information System within an everyday product and an energy-efficient platform.

A big problem with present Energy Information Displays is that people stop using them after the novelty wears off. In order to keep energy consumption low and change people’s behaviors the EID needs to be used over a long period of time. If I embed my display within a product that is already used in people’s homes and has pre-existing functionality then it will not be discarded as easily.

Lamps are a major cause of energy consumption within a living room. Research shows that lamps are very common and sometimes peoples favorite thing within the room. If I was to provide an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lamp (refer to LED Lighting) that would replace existing lamps and not only reduce the energy consumption from the lamp itself but also help reduce energy consumption for the whole house.

This would also address the domestication of new technology. People are sometimes reluctant to purchase new technology and artifacts for their home. Because lamps are already familiar, common and frequently used products it would help people accept the new EID and also help ensure that it is seen and used over a long period of time.

Lamps are often used more for their aesthetic qualities rather than their functionality. This will help the Ambient Energy Monitor (lamp) fit in and suit the overall aesthetics of a room. Table lamps are designed to be placed in a visible area of a room, lamps are not designed and functional in a drawer or behind a TV.


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