The Wilting Flower and The FlowerPod

22 Mar

Carl Smith has created a prototype design called the Wilting Flower. This is a fake flower in a vase that signals when your home energy use is steadily increasing by wilting. The flower also uses RGB LEDs to help support the movement and various stages of the flower.

The Wilting Flower

The FlowerPod is a semi-transparent screen with an electronic flower display that grows, blooms or wilts according to how the inhabitants of a house are using heating, cooling, water and electricity. The FlowerPod, which is just now only a concept, would be wirelessly connected to a home’s meters as well as an individual Internet-based home page that keeps track of average energy use in the city. The home page would continually suggest ways to improve energy usage if your flower was wilted, or dying. Designnord said it planned to use a color EPD (electronic paper display) for displaying the FlowerPod, which would only use electricity at certain intervals when getting data from the home page or updating its visual appearance.



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