Energy Information Display (EID)

22 Mar

In order for an energy information display to be successful it should be able to do some of the following:

Teach the user about the amounts of energy that various appliances use. Gaining knowledge about what appliances use the most energy will help reduce energy consumption. This means that the display must be sensitive and provide immediate feedback. The user must be able to easily see the various states of the display and immediately see changes when different appliances are turned on and off. This also makes people feel that their actions are visible.

The EID must be pervasive while at the same time aesthetically pleasing and not bombarding so that the user does not get annoyed by the display and stop using it.

The EID should be conveniently, easily and quickly accessible so that it does not take the user too much time, become annoying, distracting and therefor not useful.

The EID itself must be energy-efficient so that it can always remain on therefor providing the user with constant information and reduce energy consumption.

The EID must be as motivational as possible to encourage the user to use less energy.

I feel that the use of colour would be an ideal medium to be used as an EID. Immediate changes whether small or large can be seen. The display can remain unobtrusive and subtle while at the same time easily and quickly accessible. The use of colour could be embedded in an aesthetically pleasing artifact and provide convenient enjoyable access to information. By providing the colour with the use of LEDs it would mean that the display would be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The display could also be motivational by using certain colours. For example using the colour blue to represent when the energy consumption in a house is low. The colour blue affects us physically and mentally and is calming and sedate while the colour red which could be used to indicate high energy levels increases enthusiasm, stimulates energy and encourages action.


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