Energy Information Displays (EIDs)

2 Mar

According to Pike Research consumer interest in energy consumption is higher than it has been for decades and that home EIDs will enter people’s kitchens and living rooms in large numbers over the next few years. “A market for energy information displays—interfaces to allow consumers to monitor and manage their home energy usage—is emerging”. Pike Research forecasts that in-home display devices will be the largest EID category and that there will be 28.1 million users of energy management systems worldwide by 2015.

Managing director Clint Wheelock states  “These systems will provide consumers with an unprecedented level of visibility into, and control over, the consumption of electricity within their homes, providing a significant opportunity for efficiency improvements and cost savings.”

“Simply making people aware of their electricity use will drive people to make behavior changes to cut their utility bills and environmental footprint. For example, a display might show that electricity usage is above normal at a given moment and send someone to turn off unused electronics”. (Martin LaMonica, CBS News)


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