Aims and Objectives

16 Feb


The aim of the project is to investigate Ambient Displays as a tool to promote environmental awareness. The project aims to provide people with environmental information to promote awareness as they go about their daily lives, so that it allows them to continue with everyday tasks.

AmbientKnowledge (AK) intends to align itself within the scope of Human Computer Interaction that reflects how we interact with the physical world, taking advantage of Human background processing capabilities that will allow people aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable and convenient access to environmental information.

Firstly I will gain an understanding of environmental issues and ambient information, then I will design, develop and implement prototypes that will promote environmental awareness. AK will provide people with information within the domestic environment without demanding the users attention or introducing any additional interaction. This will avoid bombarding the user with information or distracting them from the task at hand and allow them to receive information and proceed with everyday life.


1. Investigate various environmental issues and possible ways of providing ambient information to promote awareness.

2. Create one or more prototypes that promote environmental awareness and provide information in a transparent way.

3. Produce a Project Report that presents an understanding of user needs and ambient information. It will also present an evaluation of AK in its environment using methods outlined in Research and Design Methodologies.

4. Deliver and present a diary that will document the process of the project.


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