Concept Presentation

10 Nov


My aim is to cenceptualise, design and develop an artifact that will provide people with day-to-day information as they go about their daily lives, free from the confines of the desktop computer.

The purpose of the project is to provide people with information without them having to go and retrieve it. To do this I will incorporate passive interaction providing the information in an ambient manner allowing the user to mult-task while at the same time not to overload the user with information demanding their attention.

The project will use intuitive, implicit, reality based interaction; bringing the natural behaviours of everyday life into Human Computer Interaction (HCI). Through this passive interaction I will provide the day-to-day information in an ambient manner. Ambient information appeals to peripheral senses and provides the user with information while not distracting them from the task at the centre of attention (Ishii, 1997). Just like as I am writing this I am aware of the weather outside and the people in my environment, although it is not at the centre of my attention. I aim to use this method to provide people with information such as weather forecast, social network updates, traffic reports etc where they would normally have to go to their computer to retrieve.



1. Survey and analyse the needs and difficulties that people have with retrieving day-to-day information.

2. Develop a method to provide the user with information without distracting them, being intrusive or demanding their attention.

3. Create an artifact that incorporates passive interaction.

4. Test my proposed solution and present a working prototype in an everyday environment to engage in primary user testing, gather feedback on functionality and usability and then apply this information to my artifact before final implementation.


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