6 Nov

In the notes under my last aim I mentioned that I was going to explore providing ambient information without a TUI. A TUI aims to provide “physical form to digital information” – Hiroshi Ishii. If we represent ambient media using tangible objects (objects that represent digital information e.g. if ambient information such as water flowing is representing how many emails you have then you are giving physical form to digital information therefore) in a way the ambient media is a TUI itself.

My central aim is to provide people with day-to-day information free from the confines of their desktop computer. From my research I decided the best way to do this is to provide them with this information within their everyday environment in an ambient manner. The information should be provided in an ambient manner and through implicit interaction so it does not distract or demand the users attention. Overall this then brings the aesthetics of everyday life into Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and turns the physical space of a person everyday environment into a “calm, information environment” – Hiroshi Ishii.


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