Conceptual Background

3 Nov

In this day and age we are living busy lifestyles and people are constantly on the go. Depending on your lifestyle there is certain digital information that you want every day and more than likely at a certain time and place. Yet we are confined to conventional GUI’s, mouse, keyboards and screens in order to retrieve information. Can this information not be provided without having to go look for it?

I have an interest in this area is because I found myself going to my computer to get information even though at times it may not have been the easiest way. I believe that the mouse and keyboard provide insufficient use of our abilities as humans. We can interact with the physical environment and at the same time receive and process information, I don’t feel that it is necessary to be sitting in front of a screen. I agree with Hiroshi Ishii and Brygg Ulmer (Tangible Bits) that we need to “rejoin the richness of the physical world in HCI.”

The boundary between computers and the everyday world is getting smaller and smaller. TUI’s, Ubiquitous computing, wearable computing etc is an area I’m very interested in and I embrace it and believe and its the next generation of computing. MIT Media Lab have done a considerable amount of projects and research in this area and my idea of Ambient Information has been stimulated by their research. A particular paper from the Tangible Media Group “The Design of Personal Ambient Displays” written by Craig Alexander Wisneski outlines the issues and opportunities of Ambient Media. The idea of Ambient Media, which I originally read about in Tangible Bits is a solution to my problem of providing people with information through implicit interaction without distracting them from the task at the hand.


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