Project Description

28 Oct

In the Aims and Objectives I mentioned that I wanted to provide the user feedback and/or additional information through the use of ambient media. A project called “ambientROOM” by Hiroshi Ishii and Brygg Ullmer encouraged me to use ambient media as a form of providing the user with information. Their work and the idea of ambient media was stimulated by Live Wire a project designed by Natalie Jeremijenko. Live Wire is a piece of plastic wire that hangs from the ceiling of a busy office. A motor is connected to the Ethernet Network so that the more information flowing the more the wire spins. The wire is visible and audible from the offices but is not obtrusive.

The main aim of ambient media within my project is to provide the user with information without being obtrusive. “Subconsciously, people are constantly receiving various information from the ‘periphery’ without attending to it” – Tangible Bits. For example although it is not at the centre of my attention I am aware of the weather through the light, sound of rain, temperature etc.

I don’t want to create a TUI that replaces the mouse and keyboard but one that enables people to complete everyday tasks without having to use a desktop computer. E.g making the everyday task of checking emails tangible. Use ambient media with natural, real world concepts such as the sound of water trickling to indicate the amount of unread e-mails. The more water trickling the more unread e-mails the person has. This relates back to the purpose of the project, that is to merge how we interact with the physical world and how we interact with the digital world; to bring the aesthetics of everyday life to HCI.


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