28 Oct

My aim is to cenceptualise, design, develop and evaluate an improved human computer interface by providing people with information within the physical environment, free from the confines of the desktop computer. I aim to use everyday actions/objects in order to bring the aesthetics of everyday life into Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

The project will use a Tangible User Interface (TUI) incorporating intuitive, implicit, reality based interaction. I don’t want to develop a human computer interface that replaces the mouse and keyboard but one that enables people to complete everyday tasks without having to use a desktop computer. E.g. A cup that is used every morning is embedded with sensors. When the cup is moved the person is provided with the weather forecast or the amount of unread emails etc.

Next I will discuss the way in which the user is provided with the information i.e weather forecast or the amount of unread emails etc. Through interaction with the TUI I will consider providing the information in an ambient manner with natural, real world concepts. Ambient information appeals to peripheral senses and provides the user with information while not distracting them from the task at the centre of attention, in the case of my example getting the cup and having a drink. While getting the cup and having a drink the user will be made aware of the amount of unread emails just like as I am writing this I am aware of the weather outside and the people in my environment although it is not at the centre of my attention.

The ambient information could be provided in an abstract or literal manner and could be digital or physical. For example if the weather forecast is the information that is being provided the ambient information could be a projection of water rippling or actual water flowing or it could be abstract where the amount of unread emails is provided through the use of water flowing. In the case of providing the ambient information through the use of a physical object I will then explore whether it will be a novel product such as water flowing in a container or through the use of an everyday object that is already present in an environment. Because I aim to provide the information in an everyday environment I want to ensure that it’s not obtrusive and the ambient information will only be communicated when the user interacts with the TUI.


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