Project Direction

21 Oct

Below is a preparatory draft of aims and objectives to try and provide an indication of where I am with the project direction at the moment. Hopefully this will help specify my interests for the project and help me to focus on a central idea.


To improve human computer interaction by providing people with information they want, free from the confines of the desktop computer.


1. Identify a source of information

2. Create a sensitive and responsive (non intrusive) environment/use familiar everyday objects

3. Create an intuitive interface

4. Provide reality based interaction/natural implicit interaction

From the aims and objectives above I decided that I would start by making a list of:

1. What information people want

2. Everyday actions and objects

List Objects and Info

From studying this list and expanding it over time I can link the interaction of possible objects with information provided. I can then identify a source and medium for the information.

For Example if I take ‘news headlines’ from the information list and ‘speaker’ from the object list. Perhaps I could build a project so that the speaker could receive the news headlines via RSS Feeds and then play them when someone comes in close proximity with the speaker.


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